Wellington School’s Termly Fees

The fees noted here below are per term and are for the year 2021/22. These fees include tuition, essential extras such as stationery and art materials, any learning support costs and most extracurricular activities.

For Nursery Fees, please click here

Junior School Fees

Junior School Termly Fees Annual Fees Monthly Fees
Primary 1 £2,550 £7,650 £765
Primary 2 £2,550 £7,650 £765
Primary 3 £3,260 £9,780 £978
Primary 4 £3,930 £11,790 £1,179
Primary 5 £4,180 £12,540 £1,254
Primary 6 £4,440 £13,320 £1,332

P7 & Senior School Fees

P7 & Senior School Termly Fees Annual Fees Monthly Fees
Primary 7 £4,690 £14,070 £1,407
Senior School £4,690 £14,070 £1,407

Guidance for New Parents

When your child is offered a place at Wellington, you will be sent a Fees Pack containing relevant information about payment terms and conditions. The Finance Manager, Mrs Linda Peters, will also be pleased to provide information on fees and financial assistance offered by the school.

Contact Mrs Peters

Sibling Discounts

When more than one sibling attends Wellington School, there may be a reduction available on the total fees payable. This discount is equivalent to 5% of the second child’s termly fees, 10% of the third child’s termly fees and 60% of subsequent children’s fees while they are attending Wellington together. The discounts are applied against the table of fees above for ease of reference.

Additional Charges

Additional charges include items such as trips, individual music lessons and school uniform. Other additional costs are detailed here below:


Junior School – £235.00 per term.
Senior School – A cafeteria system is in place. Find out more about dining at Wellington.

New Pupils

A deposit of £100 is payable for new pupils before starting at the school from Primary 1 upwards. This deposit is non refundable. New pupils who join the school between the start of a term and mid-term will be charged full termly fees. New pupils who join the school between mid-term and the end of term will be charged one half of the termly fees.

Payment Methods

Methods of settlement include payment by cheque, cash or debit/credit card and Direct Debit. Fees are payable in advance before the start of each term, unless paying by monthly Direct Debit.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit please fill out the below form and return it to [email protected].

Direct Debit Form


As well as offering a sibling discount, Wellington School offers an attractive means-tested bursary programme. The purpose of these bursaries is to widen access, allowing children who would otherwise be unable to attend Wellington School to become a pupil.

Download our Bursary Policy for more information on the financial assistance Wellington School can offer families, or submit your application for consideration of a Bursary.

Download Bursary Policy

Download Bursary Application Form


Should you have any questions about the bursary processes, please use this form to contact Mrs Dunlop, Admissions Registrar, or telephone 01292 269321.